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SAP License Excellence

SAP is not only a strategic supplier for many of our customers - SAP is also a monopolist for its customers - the way away from SAP is possible, but difficult. Despite this dependency, companies must be able to make autonomous decisions about their IT investments. They must not allow decisions to be forced upon them by unjustified compliance demands or by offers that do not fulfill the business case.

SAP license consulting
With SAP license consulting, we address decision-makers (IT & purchasing) who face the challenges of complex decisions and negotiations. The goal is a long-term SAP licensing strategy that allows maximum flexibility, but also short and medium-term cost optimization and reduction of compliance risks.
About the packages:
SAP license management
SAP license management is the analytical basis for license consulting and the means for operational implementation of the license strategy, e.g. as part of SAP audits. We offer SAP license management as a service or alternatively on the basis of preconfigured solutions. Our unique selling point is the quality of the preconfigured solution and, above all, the bridge we build between SAP authorization and SAP license management.
About the packages:
SAP authorization management
SAP authorization management is an essential component of SAP License Excellence, at the latest with S/4HANA. Authorization concepts are put to the test as part of S/4HANA migrations. They must also meet the requirements of SAP license management. With our experience, we implement authorization concepts that meet the requirements of an S/4HANA world.
To the packages:
Our solutions are SAP license, project and product experience from over 25 years cast in rules, key figures and methods. We use established SAP license management tools as well as our own solutions based on digital methods (RPA and AI) and low-code SaaS applications (Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI, Azure, etc.).
About the packages:

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license one
license one is our solution for SAP License Intelligence - intelligent decision templates in SAP license management. License one is much more than just SAP license management. What-if simulations, forecasts, benchmarks, etc. enable fast, well-founded and business case-compliant decisions.
samplics for SAP license management tools
Our predefined samplics set of rules translates the SAP price list into permissible SAP transactions. Our predefined samplics set of rules translates the SAP price list into permissible SAP transactions. This is the basis for usage-based rules and SAP measurements. samplics is available for Snow Software (Snow Optimizer for SAP), for Flexera (FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications), for ServiceNow (Software Asset Management publisher pack for SAP) as well as for license one.
samplics STAR set of rules
With the STAR Service, SAP has for the first time published its own set of rules for SAP license management based on authorization objects. The samplics STAR set of rules is based on the content of the STAR Service and ensures that the STAR rules (basis of an SAP Remote Audit) are taken into account. Inconsistencies in engine licensing or missing authorization objects in the STAR service have been taken into account in the samplics STAR rules. It forms the basis for an SAP survey according to authorizations.
The digital SAP license manager
Based on the Snow Optimizer for SAP and UiPath, we have intelligently automated SAP license management processes. Manual activities have been fully automated. Expert input, e.g. for the continuous expansion of intelligent rule sets, was supported, if not replaced, with AI tools.