license one is the first SAP License Intelligence solution

Intelligence is characterized by the fact that it not only promises potential and identifies risks. An intelligent solution shows how to realize the potential and reduce risks.

SAP License Intelligence is much more than just SAP license management!

In addition to the classic SAP license management functionalities, SAP License Intelligence includes what-if simulations, decision templates and benchmarks for SAP OnPrem and SAP Cloud architectures.

license one for SAP is provided in the cloud.
25 years of SAP experience

Dr. math. Michael Sandmeier, first neutral SAP license consultant

Presentation at the DSAG Congress on 20.9.2023 at 18:45 - 19:30
Hendrik Ramke and Dr. Michael Sandmeier will give a lecture on 20.9.2023 at 18:45 entitled “Mission Impossible? - Intelligent solutions for SAP survey”. The presentation will introduce the latest solutions for digital access and measurement by authorization.
Launch of the basic version of license one for SAP from October 2023
license one for SAP has been used as a project provision by Sandmeier Consulting since September 2022. In October 2023, the solution will now also be made available to customers for independent use independently of projects.
Presentation of the advanced version of license one on February 25-27 at SAMS 2024 in Berlin
Sandmeier Consulting will be presenting its advanced version of license one at SAMS 2024 in Berlin. The advanced version introduces new functionalities that - with the help of content, heuristics and AI - go far beyond the spectrum of an SAP license management solution.
From thought to reality: license one for SAP is the journey from a crazy idea to a market-ready product.
Louis Francus
Manager Innovation
The exciting thing about “license one for SAP” for me is working together on new digital solutions in a young, motivated team.
Cara Martin

Our solution

The license one cloud platform is based on proven best practices (e.g. samplics rules for the translation of license types into transactions and authorization objects), established standards from SAP license consulting, artificial intelligence methods and the low-code methods of a Microsoft Power Platform.

Usage analysis
The most favorable license type for a user is determined on the basis of actual transaction usage. The user models of SAP Business Suite / SAP ERP and S/4HANA (Onprem as well as in the cloud under RISE with SAP) are supported.
Predefined sets of rules are supplied for the classification of users, which can be individually adapted for each customer, e.g. for mapping special agreements in SAP contracts or for mapping early warning systems.
Role analysis
With the survey based on authorizations under S/4HANA, the optimization of license costs is closely linked to the definition of authorization roles. The solution bridges the gap between SAP license and authorization management.
Digital Access
The metric for measuring indirect use of an SAP system via the SAP Passport Report is error-prone and non-transparent. The solution checks the plausibility of Passport and Estimation Report results and identifies errors and risks in SAP surveys.
SAP Cloud
You gain transparency about your SAP Cloud costs compared to the use of SAP Cloud solutions.
The solution integrates SAP OnPrem and cloud solutions. It can be used independently or as an extension of the Snow Optimizer for SAP®, for example.
less effort for
SAP survey
transparency about SAP
Costs, opportunities & risks
individually customizable
Reliability from over
25 years of SAP experience

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