Our motivation in the Sandmeier team.

Every day we see the benefits we have created for our customers.

That's what we get up for every day.

Our customers appreciate the fact that we listen to them before we respond. With our expertise and passion, we always find the perfect solution for your individual requirements. Your success is our motivation. That's why Sandmeier.

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Part-time study.
Study "IT Management and Information Systems" in a Master's degree program.

Together with the FHDW in Bielefeld, Sandmeier Consulting offers you the part-time Master’s program “IT Management and Information Systems”. You start at Sandmeier as a Consulting Analyst – with a focus on license management or project management – and have the opportunity to complete the Master’s course at the FHDW Bielefeld while working. A cooperation that enables you to combine theory and practice in the best possible way.

Teamwork and practical experience are our top priorities. Through a training-on-the-job concept, combined with direct feedback from experienced colleagues, you will continuously expand your wealth of knowledge and experience. Your individual development is supported by a personal mentoring program. Your mentor will be on hand with help and advice. Sandmeier also supports your ambitions for personal development by promoting professional development measures.

In the Sandmeier team.

Cooperation in a team

A team is always more than the sum of its parts. We want to work together on solutions, be creative and develop new ideas. Each individual should contribute their own strengths, but also benefit from the strengths of their colleagues.

Further training

Individual, sustainable further development of personal and professional skills is promoted in line with the interests of employees.

Performance standards

We want to deliver top performance, not standard work. This is reflected, among other things, in a target system in which results, not hours worked, count. Our performance standards are high. Targets must therefore be ambitious but achievable.

Honesty & respect

We want to treat our customers and colleagues with honesty and respect. These values are important to us. These values are important to us.

Management style in consulting

In addition to professional expertise, a good consultant is characterized by sensitivity and personality. Our experience shows that everyone uses very different approaches here and can therefore utilize their individual strengths. As an employer, we want to utilize and promote this potential.

Mentoring program

New colleagues are assigned a mentor for the first year, who accompanies the induction process and ensures an optimal start in the company.


Our team deliberately consists of a wide variety of characters with different professional specializations and backgrounds. We are looking for individuals with character who bring their personality to the team in order to be even stronger together.


Balancing work and private life in consulting is a challenge – we offer our employees the necessary flexibility in terms of working hours and choice of location.


Standing still is a step backwards. We want to think ahead with new ideas. Every employee is encouraged to get involved and be creative. Anyone who develops an innovation can also take on responsibility for a topic at an early stage and thus quickly develop personally.

Standardized methods

Established, standardized methods enable rapid familiarization and guarantee an appropriate level of quality.

Acting (self-)responsibly

We trust our colleagues and expect them to think like entrepreneurs and treat customers and colleagues responsibly. We therefore do not want to over-regulate our day-to-day work. We therefore do not want to over-regulate our day-to-day work.

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