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Quick Check: S/4HANA licenses

Quick Check: S/4 licences

Do you have an SAP S/4HANA license conversion in front of you, have you already completed it or are you still in the middle of such a project?

The new S/4HANA license model (Contract Conversion or RISE with SAP) is no longer measured according to actual usage, but on the basis of assigned authorizations. The essential challenge of such a project is therefore to bridge the gap between license and authorization management and to prepare optimally for a measurement based on the assigned authorizations.


SAP customers should have answers to the following questions, among others, in the course of the S/4HANA conversion:

  • What impact does my current authorization concept have on my future license type distribution?
  • What adjustments to my authorization concept are absolutely necessary to prevent an explosion in license costs under S/4HANA?
  • How do I deal with the inconsistencies and vagueness of the STAR rulebook?

Your benefit:


With our license quick check, we create transparency with regard to the conversion of the measurement logic to authorizations. By simulating the license type distributions based on both measurement logics, actual usage and assigned authorizations, we show the discrepancy resulting from the different measurement logics. Normally, a strong negative shift towards more expensive license types results from a measurement according to authorizations.


Create transparency about your risk and potential.
Fast, safe, reliable.

extended version:

& License-Check

In the extended version, the analysis by Sandmeier Consulting is supplemented by a security check by IBS Schreiber. The experts at IBS Schreiber analyze your SAP system and identify potential vulnerabilities from a security perspective. IBS Schreiber offers you experienced SAP auditors and security experts to ensure sustainable and reliable SAP security. With 25 years of security experience, as a partner of Sandmeier Consulting you contribute your licensed services and regulations so that you receive a comprehensive analysis of your authorization concept from both relevant perspectives.

The SAP Security and License Check provides you as a customer with a significant advantage, regardless of whether you use an S/4HANA or an ERP system. Using various analyses of your SAP data, you receive a comprehensive assessment of the security status of your systems and 100% transparency regarding the impact of an S/4HANA migration on your license distribution and the associated license value. Potential security gaps, risks and optimization potentials are identified.

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