samplics rules for SAP license management tools


samplics rules for SAP license management tools

In 2014, we started to translate the SAP price list into a measurable form. In the case of user licenses, we translated license types into SAP transactions (samplics) and thus created a basis for measurement according to actual usage by evaluating the consumption data of a user on the basis of the samplics set of rules.

Such a set of rules is available for the “old” ECC models (SAP Application, SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite), but also for the new S/4HANA user models (OnPrem & RISE).

In the case of measurement according to authorizations, the content can be used by including permitted transactions (according to user authorizations) in the analysis instead of used transactions.

In 2022, we defined the samplics content at the level of authorization objects and activities – analogous to SAP’s STAR rules. This enables audit-proof measurement.

The set of rules can be used in various SAP license management tools – in particular in the FLEXERA, SERVICENOW and SNOW SOFTWARE tools.

Your requirements
You need an interpretation of the SAP price list for user types in order to carry out the SAP survey or to determine a target distribution of users under S/4HANA.
Our offer
With samplics, we provide you with a complete, audit-proof set of rules - both on the basis of SAP transactions and on the basis of authorization objects and activities.
Your benefits
You save on user licenses and ensure compliance at the same time.

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