License management

SAP usage analysis

SAP usage analysis

SAP usage analysis helps to improve efficiency, profitability and compliance in connection with SAP usage and is therefore an essential building block for sustainable license cost optimization.

Cost optimization is a key benefit. Companies can use the analysis to identify unused or inefficiently used resources and adjust them accordingly. This can lead to a reduction in license costs and avoid excessive expenditure. Another important aspect of compliance and license management is ensuring that you adhere to the agreed license terms. By identifying overuse or misconfigurations, potential license violations can be avoided.

Your long-term planning is facilitated by the analysis. We help you to identify trends in your SAP usage and thus make informed decisions about future investments and upgrades, e.g. towards S/4HANA.
Your requirements
You are unsure whether you are complying with license conditions and using SAP in accordance with your license portfolio. You suspect over- or under-licensing and fear compliance conflicts.
Our offer
We analyze the behavior of your SAP users in the system and establish a link to your current license inventory. We identify potentials and risks.
Your benefits
You receive full transparency about your current SAP license situation and can take clearly defined measures if necessary.

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