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SAP survey as a service

SAP survey as a service

We take on the annual SAP survey for our customers as a service. In other words, we prepare the SAP survey and discuss the expected results with the customer before submitting the survey. This is a very tedious, time-consuming and risky process for every customer every year.

For the SAP survey, we use our know-how bundled in the samplics set of rules, with which we achieve compliance and cost optimization at the same time.

Our approach is divided into the following steps:

  • Installation and configuration of the preconfigured samplics set of rules as the basis for survey.
  • Optimization of the license inventory with the aim of cost optimization and user compliance.
  • Discussion of the optimized survey results with our customer and approval by the customer.
  • Creation and optimization of the SAP survey for submission to SAP.
Your requirements
Your annual SAP survey generates immense internal effort and does not produce the results you expect. In addition, you are unsure whether you are compliant or suspect optimization potential in your SAP license landscape.
Our offer
Preparation of your SAP survey down to the smallest detail. Simulation of survey results and execution of test surveys after the optimization runs with the aim of achieving a cost-optimized and compliant survey result.
Your benefits
Guaranteed smooth SAP survey with cost-optimized results and 100% compliance.

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