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SAP contract analysis

SAP contract analysis

In order to assess risks and potentials in the context of SAP license management, an analysis of your SAP contracts is required. Our lawyers are experts in this field and form the bridge between the technical view of SAP licenses and SAP license agreements.

The contract analysis therefore forms the basis for valid recommendations and strategies. It defines the status quo and thus forms the benchmark for the evaluation of potentials and risks.

Based on the contract analysis, we can assess the compliance risks by deriving the contractual basis for usage rights and holding (and defending) these against compliance claims.

However, we also evaluate potentials on this basis by comparing the "old world" and potential "new worlds".

In particular, the question of whether a contract or product conversion is preferable for a company as part of the S/4HANA migration depends largely on the quality of the contracts currently in force.
Your requirements
You lack transparency about your license portfolio and suspect non-compliance or optimization potential. Or you are facing a contract change such as an S/4HANA migration.
Our offer
Comprehensive analysis of your SAP license portfolio. We identify potentials and risks in relation to your status quo and how these can be leveraged or eliminated.
Your benefits
100% transparency in your SAP license inventory as well as security and a clear basis for upcoming SAP negotiations.

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