samplics STAR set of rules

samplics STAR set of rules

For example, SAP classifies the authorization objects for order or billing document creation as functional use, even if the call is made via engine functionality. This is inconsistent with the SAP price list, which does not show an additional user license for the use of an engine. A user license is only required if functionality is actually used outside an engine. In this case, however, only authorization objects and activities that are required outside of engine usage count.

In our samplics content for the STAR set of rules, we have resolved the inconsistencies between engine usage and user classification. To prepare for the audit, we have provided well-founded reasons for deviations from the STAR regulations. In this way, a measurement can be carried out in accordance with the STAR regulations. Our customers only deviate from this in justified cases.
Your requirements
You would like to carry out SAP survey in accordance with authorizations and take the STAR rules into account for audit assurance. However, you are using engines for which SAP requires an additional user license, even though this is not necessary according to the price list.
Our offer
We provide you with an adapted STAR set of rules for the various engines, in which the inconsistencies with the price list are resolved. The deviations from the STAR rules are explained.
Your benefits
You save on user licenses and ensure compliance at the same time.

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