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S/4HANA Conversion

S/4HANA Conversion

SAP offers its customers a variety of S/4HANA migration alternatives, each of which is unique. Customers are faced with the choice of remaining on-premise by using Product Conversion and Contract Conversion, or migrating to the cloud via RISE with SAP. However, the question of which migration scenario best suits a customer depends on a variety of factors.

Evaluating and selecting the right path requires a comprehensive consideration of various parameters. These include the current contractual license portfolio, the products required in the future, the company's general strategic direction, preferences in terms of hosting, license distribution according to the new measurement metric and the existing authorization concept, to name but a few. A thorough evaluation of all migration paths is therefore essential in order to establish comparability and find the optimal scenario for the customer, including a corresponding negotiation strategy.
Your requirements
You are about to migrate to S/4HANA and need help to determine the best migration path for you in terms of licenses.
Our offer
Our service aims to help you through this complex decision-making process. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of all migration options to ensure you choose the path that best suits your individual requirements and goals. Your success is our priority, and we are here to help you determine the best path into the S/4HANA world for you.
Your benefits
Comparison of all possible S/4HANA migration paths based on your individual starting situation. Guaranteed identification of the optimal migration scenario for you (Product Conversion, Contract Conversion or RISE).

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