SAP Licensing Intensive

Seminar content

  • Knowing and understanding the SAP ecosystem
  • User Models of the Price List for SAP ERP
  • The licensing model for S/4HANA
  • SAP Rental Models (RISE & LoB)
  • Licenses from the legal point of view
  • SAP’s requirements for the use of third-party solutions and third-party systems
  • SAP Indirect Usage Old/New Metric
  • Options
  • Optional: System survey
  • Optional: Negotiation strategy

Knowing and understanding the SAP ecosystem:

  • SAP Direct Sales vs. SAP System Houses
  • SAP – Strategic Sourcing
  • SAP Standard vs. Enterprise Support & PSLE
  • Information sources

User models of the price list for SAP ERP:

  • Elimination of Limited Professional User
  • Inclusion of functionally limited users (Worker, Logistic, Project, etc.)
  • Opportunities and Risks for the License Portfolio
  • Further parameters from the price list (locations, turnover, quasi-flat rates)
  • Risk minimization through configuration rights
  • Protection through subsequent purchase rights
  • SAP HANA Runtime vs. Full Use
  • Risk mitigation through UDD model

The licensing model for S/4HANA:

  • What exactly is S/4HANA?
  • Operating model (On Premises, PMC, Public Cloud)
  • Comparison of user models SAP ERP with S/4HANA
  • Outlook on the new metric for indirect use
  • Surveying Logic – Actual Usage vs. Permissions
  • What options does an existing SAP ERP customer have when migrating to S/4HANA?

SAP’s RISE & Rental Models:

  • Overview of SAP’s rental model and contractual basis
  • Aggregated usage in the cloud
  • Term, Compensation and Termination
  • Support
  • Privacy & Security
  • Liability and Warranty
  • Special features of the Cloud T&Cs



Licenses from a legal point of view:

  • T&Cs – an overview
  • Up-to-date status on the handling of license portfolios (decommissioning, sale, etc.)
  • Consequences of sub-licensing (theory and practice)
  • Surveys / Audits / Compliance (external consultants, test system, etc.)

SAP’s claims for the use of third-party solutions and third-party systems:

  • Overview of the claim “Netweaver Foundation for 3rd Party”
  • Review of the price list history
  • Dealing with in-house developments and third-party solutions (add-on’s)
  • Current interpretation of the topic – Examples
  • Interpretation of the facts under S/4HANA
  • Risk assessment and commercial models

SAP Indirect Use Old/New Metric:

  • Which regulation applies to which SAP customer?
  • Rules for indirect use based on past price lists
  • Up-to-date interpretation of the topic for existing customers
  • Digital Access as a new document-based metric
  • Comparison of metrics within a business case


  • Criteria for a S/4HANA strategy
  • Contract conversion vs. product conversion
  • Migrating to the cloud (RISE)
  • Digital Access as an alternative?
  • Opportunities and risks of migrating the license model
  • Negotiation sequence of potential contract contents

Optional: System survey

  • What is a survey?
  • How does a survey work?
  • Results and how to deal with them
  • Outlook for the future

Optional: Negotiation strategy

  • Negotiation preparation / Checklist
  • Timing (demand bundling, end of quarter)
  • Incentives for the negotiating partner
  • Points to be observed in the contract (e.g. formulation of configuration rights, subsequent purchase conditions)
  • Exercise: Preparation for negotiations based on the case studies developed

Time for individual discussions / case studies

  • 03.09.2024 – 04.09.2024, Hannover
  • 12.11.2024 – 13.11.2024, Hamburg


2-day seminar

Next seminar: 03.09.2024 – 04.09.2024, Hannover


Price: 1.995,- €

(per person, excl. VAT, group prices on request)

Please note that this seminar is aimed exclusively at employees of SAP user companies. We ask for your understanding that SAP providers, competitors and private individuals are excluded from this seminar offer.

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