Business Case “RISE with SAP” – The right decision!

SAP is not known for its low prices – neither in terms of licenses, rent, and certainly not in day-to-day operations.

Is SAP now initiating a paradigm shift in its pricing policy with “RISE with SAP”? The individual offers are even backed up with a very professional-looking business case. Or is the cloud offensive merely accompanied by very good marketing, which tries to convince the CFO with a clever break-even calculation and grabs the CIO by his professional honor?

Whatever is behind it in the individual case – one thing is right: The decision for or against “RISE with SAP” is a question of the individual business case, which in the end objectively shows the right decision for decision-makers.

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at SAP’s business case and show you how you can arrive at an objectively correct business case while considering all sensible alternatives.

This webinar will give you answers and practical tips on the topic!

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Please note that this webinar is aimed exclusively at employees of SAP user companies. We ask for your understanding that SAP providers, competitors and private individuals are excluded from this webinar offer.

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