SAP S/4HANA Named User Licensing: Optimize authorizations now!

In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize your authorization concept in such a way that you can save costs in the future with an SAP survey.

In the future, the primary measurement feature for named user licenses in the S/4HANA license model will be the assigned authorizations. This change poses a huge challenge for SAP customers, as very few authorization concepts are currently aligned with the new SAP license model.

In this webinar:

  • Let’s explain the influence of your SAP authorizations on the future SAP license classification.
  • Let’s show you how to use SAP Licence Intelligence Dashboards to identify the SAP roles that currently have the greatest impact on your costs.
  • In addition, we will show you solutions for optimized SAP surveying based on tailor-made SAP authorizations.


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On-Demand Webinar

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Please note that this webinar is aimed exclusively at employees of SAP user companies. We ask for your understanding that SAP providers, competitors and private individuals are excluded from this webinar offer.

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