Potential analysis

SAP® potential analysis is a key component for long-term optimisation of licensing costs based on a comprehensive licensing and maintenance strategy, which is developed on the basis of our contract analysis.

Content of the SAP® potential analysis service package:

  • Assessment of essential and potential licence requirements for the next three to five years
  • Assessment of the available services for covering licence requirements
  • Presentation of the key results of the analysis of the documents provided: evaluation, potential and risks
  • Basis for optimisation (costs for essential and potential licence requirements on a timeline, evaluation of licence risks)
  • Joint development of optimisation scenarios (discussion of advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks, calculation of optimisation potential, definition of measures and negotiation strategies)

The results documentation includes a summary of the analysis results, including a coordinated negotiation strategy, in PowerPoint.



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Contract analysis

Assessment of risks and potential in the context of SAP licence management requires analysis of your SAP contracts. Our solicitors are experts in this field and bridge the gap between the technical aspects of SAP® licences and SAP® licensing contracts.

We can assess compliance risks by developing the contractual framework for usage rights on the basis of contract analysis and by comparing it with and defending it against compliance requirements.

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SAP indirect access

minimise risks – avoid insufficient licensing. This package includes analysis of your SAP contracts and licence estates. We determine which forms of indirect access – including through add-ons – occur in your SAP system. Based on this analysis, we provide you with a viable recommendation for preparing your SAP contracts and for reliable SAP licence management.

Are you considering switching to the new SAP licence model for indirect access with your company? We’ll be happy to advise you and provide you with well-founded analysis of the associated costs and risks, the contractual agreements you should negotiate with SAP, and the best way to ensure compliance via SAP licence management.

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S/4HANA migration

The S/4HANA Migration service package encompasses contract analysis, determination of digital access and potential analysis with a focus on comparing the options of a contract with those of product conversion. You can expect from us a clear recommendation for your S/4HANA licensing strategy along your S/4HANA road map.

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