SAP measurement as a service

We offer our customers annual SAP® measurement as a service. In other words, we prepare for SAP® measurement and discuss the results we expect with the customer before submitting the measurement. It’s a very frustrating, complicated and risky issue for every customer each year.

When it comes to SAP® measurement, we rely on our expertise bundled in the sample framework, with which we ensure compliance and optimise costs.

Our approach is broken down into the following steps:

1. Installation and configuration of the Snow Optimizer for SAP® with the aid of the preconfigured sample framework as a basis for measurement

2. Optimisation of the licence estate with the aim of optimising costs and ensuring user compliance

3. Discussion of the optimised measurement results with our customers as well as customer approval

4. Development and optimisation of SAP® measurement for submission to SAP®

SAP measurement based on success

We offer SAP measurement based on success, which begins with a sample measurement. If this sample measurement identifies insufficient licensing that needs to be resolved, the actual reduction in costs is a measurement of our success.

SAP measurement at a fixed price

We offer SAP measurement at a fixed price. Clearly defined costs for a clearly defined scope of services.


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