SAP licence type allocation based on rights

With the S/4HANA licence model, SAP® creates an avoidable, unsolvable (or very expensive) problem for its customers: measurement based on rights.

The first challenge is to find out which rights should be allocated to which licence types (Professional Use, Functional Use or Productivity Use)

The next challenge is then to assign the correct licence type to the user on the basis of rights.

We can solve the first challenge with our samplics content: we determine the permitted transactions (from the perspective of rights) and classify them in accordance with the samplics framework.

The second challenge – assigning licence types in the user master data – is then a laborious task which no one enjoys doing on a regular basis. We resolve this issue by using a robot which analyses the permitted transactions, compares them with the samplics framework and then provides information (in Excel or directly in the user master data).

Does that make it necessary to acquire the samplics framework? No! We take on this task as a service. An option to lease or buy is only necessary when making customer-specific adjustments (e.g. when expanding the framework to include Z, Y and external name ranges or when adjusting the standard framework).

In a proof of value, we can compare representative users, roles and profiles with the user profiles for Professional Use, Functional Use and Productivity Use and identify critical deviations, thus revealing the effects of SAP® measurement based on rights and providing you with a recommended course of action.


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