In-house ‘SAP licence management’ training

Seit 2009 wird das Seminar „SAP Lizenzmanagement“ durch die Sandmeier Consulting bei renommierten Seminaranbietern durchgeführt und in dieser Zeit kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. Es bildet damit einen Quasi-Standard für alle SAP Lizenzmanager. In diesem Seminar werden die folgenden Inhalte vermittelt:

▪ Get to know and understand the SAP ecosystem
▪ Price list user models for SAP ERP
▪ The licence model for S/4HANA
▪ SAP lease models
▪ Licences from a legal perspective
▪ SAP requirements for using third-party solutions and third-party systems
▪ Old and new metrics of SAP indirect access
▪ Potential courses of action for customers

Offered in smaller groups, the seminar is designed to address the participants’ specific questions and issues. Daher soll ausreichend Zeit sein, während und am Ende des Seminars auf diese Themen einzugehen. Je nach Teilnehmerkreis kann der Referent insbesondere die folgenden Themen optional erläutern:

▪ SAP Vermessung
▪ Verhandlungsstrategie



Seminar day I

Get to know and understand the SAP ecosystem: ▪ SAP direct sales vs. SAP system resellers ▪ SAP sourcing strategies ▪ SAP Standard vs. Enterprise Support and PSLE Price list user models for SAP ERP: ▪ Elimination of Limited Professional Users ▪ ncorporation of users with limited functionality (workers, logistics, project, etc.) ▪ Licence estate opportunities and risks ▪ Further options from the price list (locations, sales, quasi flat rates) ▪ Configuration rights for risk minimisation ▪ Repeat-purchase rights for protection ▪ SAP HANA runtime vs. full use ▪ UDD model for risk minimisation The licence model for S/4HANA: ▪ What exactly is S/4HANA? ▪ Operating models (on-premise, PMC, public cloud) ▪ Comparison of SAP ERP user models with S/4HANA ▪ A look at new metrics for indirect access ▪ Measurement logic – actual use vs. rights ▪ What options does an existing SAP ERP customer have in terms of migration to SAP S/4HANA lease models ▪ Overview of SAP lease models and contractual framework ▪ Aggregated use in the cloud ▪ Term, remuneration and termination ▪ Support ▪ Data protection and security ▪ Liability and guarantee ▪ Special features of the cloud’s general terms and conditions

Seminar day II

Licences from a legal perspective: ▪ Overview of the general terms and conditions ▪ Current status regarding the use of licence estates (shutdown, sale, etc.) ▪ Effects of insufficient licensing (theory and practice) ▪ Measurements/audits/compliance (external consultants, test system, etc.) SAP requirements for using third-party solutions and third-party systems: ▪ Overview of requirements for NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party Applications ▪ Consideration of the price list history ▪ Using in-house developments and third-party solutions (add-ons) ▪ Current description of the topic – examples ▪ Description of the facts with S/4HANA ▪ Risk assessment and business models Old/new metrics of SAP indirect access: ▪ Which regulation applies to which SAP customer? ▪ Framework for indirect access based on past price lists ▪ Current description of the topic for existing customers ▪ Digital access as a new document-based metric ▪ Comparison of metrics within a business case Potential courses of action and time for discussion: ▪ Criteria for an S/4HANA strategy ▪ Digital access as an alternative? ▪ Opportunities and risks of licence model migration ▪ Sequence for negotiating potential contractual conditions System measurement (optional) ▪ What is measurement? ▪ How does measurement work? ▪ Results and their application ▪ Future prospects, negotiation strategy (optional) ▪ Negotiations preparation/checklist ▪ Timing (requirements bundling, end of quarter) ▪ Incentives for the negotiating partner

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