Our performance requires the trust of our customers. Here you will find a selection of companies which we have successfully advised.

‘We found Sandmeier Consulting to be very professional, trustworthy and reliable – in terms of their support in project implementation and optimisation as well as in quality assurance and cost optimisation in licensing and maintenance.’

Reinhold Mühlbeyer
, Chairman of the Arntz Optibelt Group

Management Board

‘Our work with Sandmeier Consulting was very successful and helpful, as SAP® licence management is complicated and somewhat confusing. We were able to reduce our costs significantly in  subsequent auditing and even more so in the definition of licence type.“

Markus Bonsmann, CIO

Autoneum Management AG, Winterthur, Switzerland

‘Sandmeier Consulting is one of the few service providers in the IT and process environment which offer a diverse range of applications as well as consistently pursue and successfully implement an exceptional, comprehensive project approach.’

Lars Remmerbach, Director of Information Technology

Dailycer Holding GmbH

‘The many years of trustworthy collaboration with Mr Hastedt of Sandmeier Consulting has played a key role in helping us to successfully select and launch our ERP system. We value Sandmeier Consulting as a competent contact for our strategic and operational projects dedicated to further developing processes and systems. The company always focuses on our benefits and requirements and takes regulatory conditions into account.’

Klaus Gerlach-Meinders, Managing Director

Eduard Gerlach GmbH

‘Dr Sandmeier was a great help when it came to choosing our new ERP system.’

Harald Schiff, Managing Director

Henry Lamotte Services GmbH

‘Thanks to its professional approach to consulting as well as methods perfectly tailored to our needs, Sandmeier Consulting has made an invaluable contribution to our ERP launch. With quality assurance and process optimisation in his hands, Dr Sandmeier plays a fundamental role in project management, which he does effectively with high standards in terms of solution quality.’

Olaf Thorsten Lupp, CIO/Head of IT and Organisation

Kruse Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG

‘Thanks to his experience and the licence estate analysis carried out, Dr Sandmeier helped us to strengthen our negotiating position, even as an existing SAP® customer, with SAP and its partners – and thus significantly reduce costs for repeat purchases and SAP® maintenance.’

Ralf Stölting, Head of EDP

Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co.

‘With the Sandmeier Consulting GmbH company, we have found a genuine ally that has the same high standards in terms of a successful ERP launch as we do. They never lost sight of the aim – a successful launch – and always maintained an overview of the magic triangle: time, costs and quality.’

Frederik Vogel, CEO, Development & Manufacturing

seca Deutschland

‘Thanks to Mr Sandmeier’s highly competent assistance in selecting the software provider, we achieved the first milestone in our ERP project even before signing the contract. We absolutely made the right choice and decision with Mr Sandmeier and are kicking off the launch process feeling motivated and confident.’

Horst Keller, Managing Director

Horsch Maschinen GmbH

‘Dr Sandmeier helped us significantly reduce the costs for the purchase and maintenance of SAP® licences for our project.’

Oliver Knapp, Head of Supply Chain Management


‘DKV EURO SERVICE is the market leader in the comprehensive, cashless supply of services and products to the European transport sector. In addition to intelligent solutions for freight and passenger transport, we’ll also rely on optimised, digital customer communication in the future, with conceptual support provided by the Sandmeier Consulting company. We were impressed by the professional, comprehensive approach to consulting with methods based on the customer’s needs. Analysis of our licence estate via sample provided us with transparency in how we actually use our SAP systems and was then the starting point for identifying a licence model that’s suitable for our strategic aims. With the support of the Sandmeier Consulting company, we were able to ensure long-term SAP compliance even for future digital business models.’

Dr Hendrik Rosenboom, Officer/Managing Director


‘What impressed me the most was the outstanding SAP licence knowledge and the exceptional consulting expertise.’

Reinhard Blass, Service Centre/Head of IT Governance

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

‘Dr Sandmeier was there for us with professional, expert assistance during the selection process, and his support was a great help during the decision-making process.’

Frank Haensel, Managing Director

beauty alliance Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

‘The advice provided by Mr Heitmann was extremely competent, and we learned a great deal about licence management. Thanks to the new insights, we’re now more confident when it comes to licensing and can better prepare for future licensing issues.’

Josef Winter, IT Manager

Apetito AG

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