Teamwork multiplies our expertise for project success within our company and beyond. Business relationships built on trust both inspire and require further development on our part, and allow us to respond to customer requirements with speed, expertise and a targeted approach.

MITA Consulting GmbH & Co. KG is an independent IT consultancy and service company for all providers as well as initiator of an IT partner network of 36 selected, medium-sized IT consultancies and service and software companies. MITA stands for ‘Mittelständische IT Allianz’ (IT alliance of SMEs) and offers access to the expertise and experience of more than 1,000 consultants.

‘When Christian Bleeker, Managing Director of MITA Consulting, presented the concept of the partner network, we soon realised that Sandmeier Consulting would like to get involved, as the central idea of an independent consultancy company dedicated to providing customers with the best-possible services tailored to their specific needs is a perfect reflection of the Sandmeier Consulting principle. We value the collaboration with MITA Consulting, as the partner network offers us the opportunity to demonstrate our professional support options to customers even outside our own service portfolio. We firmly believe that MITA’s position as a central contact for the partner network, which can address all matters associated with IT system environments and processes, will generate true added value for customers.’

Lisa Tomeit

Partner management

Snow Software is a leading provider of software asset management solutions based in Stockholm, Sweden. More than 4,500 companies worldwide use the products of the largest specialised developer of software asset management solutions and thus manage software licences on over eleven million desktop computers and mobile devices – both at the data centre and in the cloud. Snow Software prevents companies from spending too much on their software and, at the same time, ensures compliance.

‘Sandmeier Consulting has been a Snow Software partner for the Snow Optimizer for SAP® since December 2018. Thanks to Sandmeier Consulting’s many years of consulting experience and the tool-supported automation options of SAP® licence management with the Snow Optimizer for SAP®, we can develop services for SAP® customers that ensure best-practice SAP® licence management. Snow Optimizer for SAP® software creates transparency in and understanding of the company’s own SAP® environment. Sandmeier Consulting thus rounds off its SAP® licensing advice portfolio and helps customers to further optimise their SAP® licence management by implementing the Snow Optimizer for SAP®.’

Jonas Heitmann

Head of Licencing Advice and Contract Management

sample solutions GmbH is a provider of intelligent SAP® measurement. With its samplics tool, we provide our customers with the opportunity to analyse their actual use of the SAP® system without the need to implement SAP® licence management.

‘The collaboration with sample solutions GmbH represents a consistent continuation of our licensing advice strategy. Samplics helps us and our customers avoid process risks, optimise software use and, incidentally, reduce licensing and maintenance costs. Samplics will also help us to conduct internal SAP® audits with which we uncover compliance violations and, on this basis, develop measures. This is a topic that SAP® customers will be thinking about more than ever before in the years to come.’

Dr Michael Sandmeier

Managing Director

‘Education for the best’ – Sigrid Bauschert pursued this central theme in 1989 when he founded Management Circle. The concept of top-quality career training has since become firmly established in the German-speaking region. And that’s not all – Management Circle is now one of the most renowned and successful companies in these areas.

‘Thanks to our partnership with Management Circle, we always make every effort to get to the heart of current and exciting issues together. Our seminars target IT and business experts who are interested in taking advantage of our experience and possibly even our tools to generate measurable success themselves.’

Francisco Concellón

Authorised signatory

Our current seminars in co-operation with Management Circle you can find here: Events.

With many years of experience in developing long-term systems for business process excellence, Ploetz + Zeller GmbH is a leading consultancy and software company which has dedicated itself to actively and professionally managing and optimising company processes for its customers. Based on this knowledge, Ploetz + Zeller has developed the Symbio suite tools, which involve all employees and can easily be integrated into leading portal systems. The company has been successful in the process, as groups and small and medium-sized enterprises have relied on the expertise of Ploetz + Zeller since 2005.

‘Our objective is to ensure our services offer a cost-benefit effect that’s good for our customers. In Ploetz + Zeller, we have found a BPM provider and partner which not only supports this objective, but has also taken up the cause.’

Dr Michael Sandmeier

Managing Director

In collaboration with FHDW in Bielefeld, Sandmeier Consulting can offer you the master’s degree course in IT-Management and Information Systems as you continue to work. You will begin at Sandmeier as a junior consultant with a focus on licence management or project management and have the opportunity to complete the master’s degree course at FHDW Bielefeld as you work. A collaboration which allows you to optimally combine theory and practice. Apply now!

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