Are you looking for a new challenge and real opportunity to develop? Would you like to put your experience to use at an honest, product-independent management consultancy to boost profits for your customers? Are you motivated by the success of your customers and the development of real innovations? Then join our dedicated team and make it even stronger with your talents, experience and personality.

As a beginner

After your university degree, you can put your knowledge into practice with us and start an exciting and varied career in management consulting. For rapid development as a consultant, you benefit from the experience of our team.

As a consultant at Sandmeier Consulting, you will support our customers with independent advice and responsible support in all project phases to ensure that the project goals are met in the long term. For us, the success of our customers comes first.

Your Perspective

You start with us as a junior consultant. Teamwork and practical experience are our top priorities.

Through an on-the-job training concept combined with direct feedback from experienced colleagues, you will continuously expand your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Your individual development is supported by a personal mentoring program. Your designated mentor always supports and assists you comprehensively.

We also support your ambitions for personal development by promoting professional training measures.

Our Requirements

We require a holistic way of thinking paired with strong communication skills. Initial practical experience in project management also support your start with us.

Ideal prerequisites for working as a consultant are your analytical skills, your creativity and your team spirit as well as flexibility and a willingness to travel.

As a consultant with experience

Our understanding of management consulting thrives on authentic personalities with tact and customer orientation. We are always looking for talented and motivated colleagues, who have already gained several years of experience.

Our team looks forward to your creative strategies, meaningful analyzes and viable measures to find sustainable solutions to challenging customer situations. Bring the knowledge and skills you have acquired in consulting or industry to us.

Your Perspective

We know that flexibility and freedom are important for the development of outstanding solutions.

In this way, our team remains motivated and productive through independent action, flexible working conditions and extensive training and further education.

We are open to your ideas and impulses, because we expect continuous development from ourselves.

Our Requirements

Tell us about your successes. We expect relevant practical experience from you.

In addition, you convince us with your implementation skills, high quality standards for your work, but also with foresight and your passion for consulting.

Since you should also help shaping our corporate development, we also rely on your creativity when developing new proposed solutions and on your excellent communication skills.

Current jobs

Bielefeld, Hamburg, Home-Office

Junior Consultant - License Management
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Bielefeld, Hamburg, Home-Office

Management Consultant - SAP License Consultant and Management
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Bielefeld, Hamburg, Home-Office

Junior Consultant - Project Management
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Bielefeld, Hamburg, Home-Office

Senior Consultant - Project Management
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Bielefeld, Hamburg oder Home-Office

Junior Sales Manager
Stellenangebot ansehen

Bielefeld, Hamburg oder Home-Office

Multi Project Manager
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Bielefeld, Hamburg oder Home-Office

Microsoft Specialist
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What makes working at Sandmeier Consulting so interesting:

  • Diversity

    Our team is deliberately made up of a diverse range of characters with different areas of expertise and backgrounds. We’re looking for individuals with character to contribute their personality to the team and thus make us even stronger.

  • Mentor programme

    New employees are provided with a mentor for the first year to accompany them through the induction process and optimise entry into the company.

  • Honesty and respect

    We would like to treat our customers and colleagues with honesty and respect. These values are important to us.

  • Training

    We promote customised, long-term development of personal and professional skills for the benefit of the employees.

  • Work-life balance

    Balancing personal and professional life can be a challenge in the consultancy industry, which is why we offer our employees the necessary flexibility in terms of work schedule and location.

  • Standardised methods

    Established, standardised methods enable quick induction and ensure the corresponding level of quality.

  • Teamwork

    The team is always more than the sum of its parts. We want to work together on solutions, be creative and develop new ideas. Each and every individual should contribute their strengths, but also benefit from the strengths of their colleagues.

  • Management style in consulting

    In addition to expertise, a good consultant also has instinct and personality. Our experience shows that women and men use very different approaches here. As an employer, we want to exploit and promote this potential.

  • Performance standards

    We aim to deliver top performance – not routine work, as reflected, for example, in a target system in which results count rather than the hours worked. Our performance standards are high, so targets need to be ambitious, but also feasible.

  • Innovation

    If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. We want to develop new ideas, which requires every employee to contribute their efforts and creativity. Anyone at our company who develops an innovation can also assume responsibility for an area early on and thus develop personally at a faster pace.

  • Independent/responsible work

    We trust our colleagues and know they’re capable of entrepreneurial thinking and responsible interaction with customers and colleagues, which is why we want to avoid excessively regulating our day-to-day work.

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