About us

Well-founded knowledge about IT solutions and the IT market as well as experience in complex IT projects and IT-supported processes are what set us apart. For us, our motto ‘Manage IT like a business!’ means guiding an IT project to success with company benchmarks (costs, benefits, risk), which we view as a measurement of our success.

Supplier-independent advice

Your trust and success are our top priority – and can only be secured with truly supplier-independent advice. We believe that this guiding principle and services specially tailored to your specific requirements are absolutely key to serving your interests.

Well-founded knowledge about IT solutions and the IT market

Our consultants have gained extensive experience on the supply side and monitor innovation development, for knowledge that’s made available to you. We act as a ‘specialist solicitor’ who provides you with comprehensive, objective advice and represents your interests in your dealings with IT suppliers.

Extensive experience in complex IT projects and IT-supported processes

One of our core areas of expertise is translation and communication between business and IT. We believe that an IT project can only be successful if the processes and IT are viewed together. Our consultants have a comprehensive understanding of processes, particularly in the process and manufacturing industries as well as trade. We combine this knowledge with pragmatic and proven methods and standards and thus ensure quality and transparency.

Responsible support across all project phases for achievement of project aims over the long term

We assume responsibility for the success of your project, as it’s a top priority for us. And to prove we actually mean what we say, up to 100% of our fees are based on success. We offer flexibility in terms of the scope of our services: we can support you throughout the entire project, or simply during the phases in which you require our assistance. We can assume a role in various functions, from project management to quality assurance in the steering committee. We guarantee you transparent documentation as well as presentation of all the results, so that you can decide after each project phase whether to continue the partnership.

Guiding principles

In line with our consulting motto, ‘Manage IT like a business’, we view each and every IT project much like a company in terms of organisation, processes, costs, benefits and risks, and manage them accordingly. The corresponding aim is always to optimise the ‘return on IT’ of the planned or already initiated IT investment. Return on IT is achieved with the optimal balance between benefits, costs and risks. In addition to being guided by this principle, we also always pursue fairness and equality in our dealings with all our business partners. After all, it’s only when all the parties are respectful of and honest with each other that they can achieve great things and ensure long-term success. Trust is a cornerstone of our partnerships with customers – and is earned by our consultants, as demonstrated by their dedication, passion and flexibility. If ever something doesn’t go exactly according to plan, we always welcome open criticism and will make every effort to immediately resolve the issue. We only accept consultancy assignments if we think success is feasible. If we’re not a suitable partner for a certain task or assignment, we’ll admit to it and, if possible, recommend a partner in our network or help you find the right support for your problem.

With our headquarters in Bielefeld, we support companies of various sizes in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) as well as internationally.

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