Vendor selection

Vendor selection

The provider selection process is carried out in several stages. The first step is to draw up a long list in which we suggest suitable partners for the project based on our experience. At the same time, existing business relationships and experience from your direct competitive environment should also flow into the selection of potential candidates.

It is important to objectify the selection - objective information is first obtained from the provider via a Request for Information (RFI). A pre-selection is made from the direct comparison. The selected providers receive the specifications and deal with your company and your requirements. At the same time, you get to know the provider's working methods and get a feel for whether the chemistry is right.

The offers are obtained in the Request for Proposal and compared in terms of performance and budget. However, competence and "chemistry" also play a role in the assessment of who you ultimately want to enter into contract negotiations with.
Your requirements
You are looking for a new business application that will provide you with stable support for the next phase of your company and also cover the requirements of tomorrow. You want to recognize the opportunities of the provider market but also its risks.
Our offer
We make our experience of applications and providers available to you and guide you through the process in a structured manner.
Your benefits
Market opportunities are recognized, risks are avoided. You make a balanced and reliable decision.

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