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Robotic Process Automation – Proof of Value

Robotic Process Automation - Proof of Value

Many publications state that RPA can develop potential in many different and, above all, existing processes. However, as is so often the case, the question remains as to how exactly this potential can be identified in the first place. What should you pay attention to and how are these potentials categorized and prioritized accordingly? In this one-day workshop, you will receive an overview of the possibilities of robotic process automation, including a roadmap for the introduction and implementation of the first processes.

Your requirements
You would like to examine the potential for Robotic Process Automation in your company and learn what is important when analyzing potential. Furthermore, you would like to get an overview of the possibilities of Robotic Process Automation in your context. Then you've come to the right place.
Our offer
We offer you a summarized overview of the topic of robotic process automation. Starting with an overview of the market and determining the degree of automation, through to the specific options you have with UIPath. We will look at interfaces, websites and, of course, interaction with SAP. We then look at the specific potential analysis using an example. Once we have gained an understanding, we will discuss your specific process proposals and describe the options you have for automating these processes. After the workshop, you will receive the documents, a workshop protocol and a recommendation for action based on the knowledge gained.
Your benefits
You will receive a quick and summarized overview of working with Robotic Process Automation at a high level. This will enable you to independently evaluate processes and formulate specific requirements for these processes. You will also have a roadmap in hand that you can use to start both the technical and organizational (change management) introduction.

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