Dr Michael Sandmeier is the founder and Managing Partner of Sandmeier Consulting GmbH. With many years of experience in active implementation advice and in a leading management position on the supply side, he provides companies with the tools they need to thoroughly assess the costs, benefits and risks of complex projects and make sound decisions. With his team of experts, he has combined important areas of expertise and translated them into comprehensive methods.


Dr Michael Sandmeier

Managing Partner of Sandmeier Consulting GmbH.

After earning his PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bielefeld, Michael Sandmeier began his career as an SAP® consultant for system reseller intelligence, for which he was most recently responsible for advising customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In 2003, he switched to IDS Scheer and developed SAP® system reseller business in the German-speaking market. In this position, he was responsible for SAP® licensing business, SAP® maintenance business and SAP® implementation.

Based on the vision of product and supplier-independent consulting with a focus on customer requirements and needs, Dr Sandmeier founded Sandmeier Consulting GmbH in 2009.

Out of conviction

‘You cannot prioritise customer success without product and supplier-independent advice,’ says Michael Sandmeier, who uses the knowledge he acquired on the supply side to benefit customers: ‘We view ourselves as a translator and communicator between customers with their business requirements on one side and IT suppliers with their technological focus on the other. We also act as a “specialist solicitor” for our customers, providing them with objective support for quality assurance and negotiations. Our aim is to achieve optimal return on IT for each IT investment, which means optimising the benefits of an IT investment and reducing costs and risks. We assume responsibility for achieving this goal, which we view as a measurement of our success – that’s why we offer our consultancy services up to 100% dependent on success.’

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